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Monday, January 13, 2014

Travel Around Your Taste

To start my year, I'd like to write about "My best travel ever".  Last September, I traveled to my second home, Barcelona, at least,  that's what I want to call it. I tried to limit the pictures I want to post but I struggled. The photo blog is really not enough to showcase the amazing experience I had especially that I traveled thru the expert guidance of the founders of "Travel Around Your Taste". Please Allow me to take you on a short journey of the gem of Cataluña.

No doubt about it, my favorite city in Europe

I started my trip with the best travel experts of Barcelona, two extremely wonderful Spanish women who catered to all my needs to make my trip truly memorable. Both travel experts, Edurne and Esti customized my travel plans according to my desire and to my limited time in Barcelona. Despite of my limitations, I felt the trip was exceptional and truly patterned according to my own taste.

Scenic drive to Penedès

Visited several winery @ El Penedès

The best wine producing county of Spain, Penedès is best known for Cava production and oak-aged reds. The drive along the the natural and historic region of Catalonia was spectacular. The coastal mountain range backdrop and the view of the Mediterranean Sea made the drive a feast for the eyes.  We visited the three regions of Penedès, Alt Penedès, Baix Penedès and Garraf including the capital Vilafranca.

Ready for the picking!

Amazing view!

Just in time for the harvest season.

         Visited several beautiful churches dotted the regions of Generalitat de Catalunya
                                                    Another scenic view of the wine county.

Good time of the year to travel around Catalunya.

My favorite winery, Codorníu is a National Monument of Historical and Artistic Interest declared by King Juan Carlos I of Spain. The winery produces 60 million bottles annually and undoubtedly the biggest producer of Cava, a bottle-fermented sparking wine. The winery, located in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, at the Penedès depression, is a must visit among the hundreds of wine producing companies found in the region.

Wine Museum, this is a must for you to visit!

Beaches along the coast of Barcelona.

Sailing, Yacht, etc. this can be arranged by the travel gurus' of Barcelona.

Simply "My best travel ever." Travel Around Your Taste!

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Thank you so much for your article!!

It was really a pleasure for us to share some days with you.

We look foward to seeing you soon again!