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Monday, December 16, 2013

Snooze Lounge @ Changi

There is a reason why Changi has been consistently voted as one of the best airport in the world. 

In 2012 survey, the Guide to Sleeping in Airports named Changi as number the one airport. It seems to me that the airport was build not just for passengers who are flying but for passengers who need respite from a long flight route or extended airport transit. 

When passengers gets enough sleep and  comfortable rest, it's bound to give a good feedback.  Of course, the other amenities such as movie theatre, swimming  pool, jacuzzi, tv stations, 4-story indoor slide, playground and what not, all work for the best possible feedback that Changi can get.

So the next time you have more than 2 hours lay over in Singapore, don't forget the free rest zones, the snooze lounge is my favorite at terminal 3, it's the quietest (tip: even if your in other terminals, you can go to T3 using the skytrain).

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