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Saturday, September 21, 2013

7-Steps On How to Make a Bread (Or Not)

It doesn't matter if you don't understand the different settings or cycles (since its all written in Chinese) just choose setting no. 1 and you'll still have perfect bread. Trust me.

1. If you have a Singaporean colleague or Singaporean friend travelling to China, ask her if she could buy you a bread machine. I am sure she will be shopping and this won't be such big favor unless the store is not inside a mall. 

2. After purchasing your bread maker in a mall shop, ask a favor if she can hand carry the machine. This is better since she can protect it from wear and tear.  The machine might not be so durable to withstand being thrown aimlessly by the baggage handlers.  This will also minimized shipping cost and custom duty. The cost of typical bread making machine here is 4-5x more expensive compared if you buy it from China.

3. Don't just buy 1 bread-maker, order 2, if you can.  Just to be sure. Just in case it breaks down, you have a spare.  It helps if you have multiple friends or colleagues who are travelling to and from China, you can re-order if it breaks down multiple times.

4. Don't give away your spare bread-maker no matter how much convincing your friends or other colleagues tells you. You really need a spare. Don’t give in no matter what. Even if your trying to be diplomatic, have the courage to say "No, I really need 2 bread machines." Tell them your preparing for a home-made bread-making business even if your just lying, and then at your own private time make the sign of the cross.

5. Buy a bread-mix. From experience, one can choose more bread varieties in store frequented by Caucasians or “white people”. Here in Singapore, I recommend Cold Storage Jelita or Holland Village or the one in Tanglin Mall since the stores offer wide varieties of bread mix.

6. Open the bread mix pack and pour it into the loaf pan. Add the instant yeast, a tablespoon of olive oil, appropriate amount of water and turn on the bread maker. Wait for 3 hours. If you want to have perfectly slice bread, purchase a bread-slicing guide so that your bread will be perfectly proportionate and equal in sizes and shapes. *

7. Serve to your friends and family. 

One of the many varieties of bread mix

Red Man Gourmet studio is a good source of bread premix. Disregard the sake "Japanese rice wine"  in the picture.

Add the "turbo yeast" if you want your bread in 1 hour. Again, disregard the sake bottle seen at the background.

Although normally more expensive compared to other cooking oil, Olive oil makes your bread taste better. Preferably, use the olive oil from Greece to make it more authentic. If you have really no other options, then any other Mediterranean olive oil such as from Spain will suffice, but it won't be as genuine as Greek Olive Oil.

Do other activities such making groceries, doing your laundry or map-your-run while waiting for your bread to get ready.

You still have 3 hours to wait.  Do other stuff as suggested above.

*Disclaimer: You only actually need step 6 :) to make a bread from your bread machine

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