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Monday, August 1, 2011

Karaoke (The Soft drinks Package)

One of the many karaoke places in JB, Malaysia

Back home, a town won't be complete without a church, a basketball court and of course, a karaoke machine. Filipinos even carry with them portable karaoke device (Magic Sing, Extreme, etc.) where ever they maybe.  The love for music has deep roots for many of us, the passion to entertain people and to have fun with family and friends have always been in the blood for many Pinoys. Regardless if you’re a born singer or you’re tone deaf, you will have your time with the microphone.

Recently, I came across a karaoke place with a different twist; the “kbox” has a soft drinks package. I think it’s a brilliant idea to bring it into the forefront of its marketing strategy. It can attract younger and older crowds that are not into drinking alcohol. One common thing about Asians is karaoke, so I think this package that is being offered will go along way.

By the way, did you know that Roberto del Rosario, who is a Filipino inventor, owns the patent for the sing-along system. He is the president of the Trebel Music Corporation.

This give another option to the younger patrons of the karaoke! The softdrinks package.

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