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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

May, My Apple

Took a while to move to Mac.... When I was ready to move-on, I was torn whether to get Macbook pro or iMac, a laptop or desktop...

  It’s been 2 months since I jumped to an Apple product. Although I have used Apple products before, this is my first time to purchase an Apple computer. So far, I can say that I am one satisfied customer. Although it took me a while to adjust to the track pad and the lack of right-click button (I am still adjusting), the rest of the features more than compensate for the effort I did to adjust to a different system.

  May Apple if read as Taglish (Tagalog-English) and translated to English means, "There is an Apple"...  May refer to "a presence of" in Filipino (Tagalog). Actually May, is the name of my laptop, hence May, My Apple. Occasionally, I would name a product that I own (Don’t you? Sometimes?) I remember My Blau, which refers to my old car that is color blue. Blau means blue in German.

I chose Macbook pro over iMac because of its portability

1st time I open the box


Moses Tandiono said...

that's all? more pls..

Dindi said...

once you go MAC, you'll never go back! haha :)

Eugene Tordecilla said...

@Moses... yes more to come
@Dindi... quite true, although I am using both PC and Mac at the moment