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Friday, July 8, 2011

Happier Women, Healthier eggs :-)

I only buy Barn Laid Eggs (for now)... Happier hens, Tastier eggs!

Some people are vegetarian, some are into organic food and some people only buy stuff if they are not tested on animals. The others only buy eggs that are farmed the ethical way. Thanks to Freedom Range Eggs! (Available at NTUC Fairprice and major supermarket island wide.) Thanks to my friend who introduce me to them.

Read their Philosophy (first), I believe them.

Freedom Range Eggs's Philosophy:
Our fresh Barn Laid eggs are laid by happy, healthy hens. They roam freely in our spacious barns with clean nests and perches. Our hens have the freedom to dust, bathe, stretch and socialise. They have constant access to natural light, fresh water and nutritious feed. We firmly believe a happy hen lays a tastier egg.

Their eggs are better!

Reading their philosophy, makes me wonder if this is also applicable to women. 

My Philosophy:
I think women who can freely roam and travel the world are generally happy people. Women who have a home rather than a house are generally happier individuals.  Women who can clean, shower, exercise and party are generally happy people. Women who have access to natural sunlight, clean water, healthy and nutritious food are generally happier than those who are denied with these basic needs and rights.  

I firmly believe that happier women, have a healthier body.... including their eggs!

See the nutritional value

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