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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Heavently Massage by Lulu Kubo

The Author having his afternoon massage

 Whenever I go home to the Philippines, I always make it a point to have as much as massage as possible. I would normally go to the nearest spa, or in-house massage center of the hotel or if I am at home, then I will ask for a home service. 

The cost of a full body massage in Singapore is about 60-80 sgd (2,100 to 2,800 pesos) per 1-hour session. The other option is to go to Johor Bahru, Malaysia and pay for slightly cheaper foot or full body massage.  At home, a quality massage only cost 250-350 pesos (7-10 sgd or 4-5 euros) for an hour of therapeutic massage. 

Ms. Lulu Kubo, is far the best masseuse I ever had. I had 2-hour session of full body massage and foot massage. Simply foot... or simply put, she's well trained in pampering one's body.

Thanks Lulu!

My masseuse, Ms. Lulu Kubo

Some of the benefits of regular schedule massage therapy:

- It helps release endogenous “morphine”, ENDORPHINS is body’s natural painkiller release during massage (also release during exercise, excitement, consumption of spicy food, love, pain and orgasm).
- It enhances one’s immunity by stimulating the body’s natural defense system.
- It stretches weak, tight, or atrophied muscles.
- It helps the body to recover from strenuous workouts.
- It pumps needed oxygen and nutrients into vital organs thus improving circulation.
- It alleviates low-back pain, improve range of motion and can relieve migraine.

ps. Ms. Lulu Kubo is a well train masseuse serving in the Alabang area


dindi said...

haha i got to meet her the other day.

Eugene Tordecilla said...

she knows where to press the right nerve point, I can't wait for my next massage

russel said...

Thank you sir. I was surprise that you have discover her.