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Monday, January 31, 2011

MANGINA sal.... or Mang Inasal

Trevor at Mang Inasal's sign board at NAIATerminal 3

On our way back to Manila from Boracay, we took a Cebupacific flight. The 50 minute domestic flight was uneventful until we touch down at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. As we make our way to exit the terminal, a big sign board caught my friends’ attention.

It was a sign board of "Mang Inasal."  

Mang is actually a short term of “Manong” which is pronounced as  Mah-noh-ng. This  is an Ilocano (Ilocos, North Province) term  given to the first-born male in a Filipino family and is  roughly used to signify an older brother, older male cousin or older male relative in an extended family.

Manong  is perhaps derive from “Hermano”, which is a Spanish word for brother. The addition of "ng" at the end and loss of "her" makes it Her-Mano-ng. The Tagalog (mostly use in Manila and its surrounding provinces) equivalent for Manong  is “Kuya” pronounced as koo-yah.  Alternatively, “Manang” is used to refer to an older sister or “Ate” in Tagalog.

In other words, Mang Tomas, Mang Boks or Mang Inasal can be loosely associated to Older Brother’s restaurant or a Family eatery.

Mang Inasal is the Philippine’s fastest growing barbeque fast food chain. This barbeque chain was established in 2003 in Iloilo city and their best sellers are chicken and pork barbeque.

Based on the company’s homepage, Mang Inasal has over 300 branches nationwide and provides not just employment but also income opportunities to the communities that supply Mang Inasal's raw ingredients and materials.

2 months after, I could not resist not taking my own picture at the same sign board

So, what was in the sign board that caught my friends’ undivided attention? Is it the sumptuous chicken barbeque with rice and kalamansi (calamondin) or is it something else?

It was actually the name of the company that made them think and burst into laughter. Mang Inasal or Mangina sal

Mangina is defined in the urban dictionary as  a form of deception where a man "slips his stuff" for example hides his genitalia in between his legs,  giving his pubic region the appearance of that of a female's.

So, now I know why my American friends noticed this sign board, although I must have seen this sign board and I have eaten in this fast food chain so many times, I  never thought about this Mangina sal before. 

Now, I am not sure anymore if this will have any effect on my choice of barbeque fast food chain the next time I get my hunger reflex. I hope not or maybe instead of Mang Inasal, I will consider going to Mang Kiko or Mang Boks. (Mang Kiko’s Lechon – Singapore)

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