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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are you "Anal" or "Oral"?

I recently came across a 5-star restroom in Manila.

In the Philippines, if you need a bathroom or a restroom, you simply say C.R. which means comfort room.

The 5-star restroom is clean with water flow continuously running. It smells good too.  However, you must make sure that you have your own tissue paper before coming to this 5-star bathroom since they don't come with free tissue paper, which is the case in most C.R. in the country.

As a compromise, there is a vendo machine inside the toilet where you can get a tissue roll. The drawback is that you need to have coins when nature strikes.

5-star restroom...really meh? Without toilet paper?

The difference between Singapore and Philippines is tangible when visiting the toilets and the food courts.

In most food courts in the Philippines, including small eateries known as “carinderia”, there will almost always be free napkins to wipe your mouth after a meal. In Singapore, you don’t normally find free napkins in food courts and hawker centers. There are napkins, but you have to buy it. This is the time when coins comes in handy in Singapore. Hmmm.
In the Philippine toilets, it's common to come across toilets with no provisions for toilet paper. In Singapore, you’re always assured, that there will be tissue that you can use to wipe your ass.

It makes me wonder then if Filipinos are more “oral” and Singaporeans are more “anal”. Freud speaking, the terms are derived from Freudian pyschoanalysis. 

The expression anal personality is frequently used to describe a person who pays much attention to details that the obsession becomes an annoyance to others.

The oral stage is a theory of child development in which an infant's pleasure centers on the mouth. The person with oral personality would gossip, insult and generally use their mouth to inflict harm on others.

Makes me wonder then...


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