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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanks for Reading

It took me a long time to find an avenue to write it down. Welcome to the W.O.M.B. or the World of Macalinga Blog. 
Readers' stats  as of December 2010

Readers' stats of July 2014
I remembered when I was still at Hospital Clinic de Barcelona for my medical training; I bought my first laptop for 590 from my scholarship fund. In that notebook, I wrote my first few articles as a way to de-stress from the demands of the hospital routine. To this date, those pieces remained in my computer folder, unpublished!  

When I moved to San Diego briefly, the passion to write persisted even more. Because of that, I continued writing the book I initiated when I was still residing in Cataluña.  Now that I am living in Singapore, I finally kicked-off posting articles after a good friend of mine suggested putting it up on a blog. Plus, it’s a way of copping up to the hustle and bustle of this city state.

To this date, I have published an e-book I completed in 2006. I recalled finishing the book at the South Beach Park gazing at the Golden Gate Bridge. At that time, I had no idea as to how to circulate it. I just wanted to tell a story. Thanks to the e-books platform. 

With the stats I have, I cannot pinpoint individually who's reading my write-ups thus I cannot thank you personally. Nevertheless, I am using this medium to extend my appreciation for spending few minutes of your time to browse through my articles. Certainly, it has re-awakened my passion to compose and to share my thoughts. Keep on reading or stumbling!!!
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Thank you. Xie xie ni. Gracias. Danke. Obrigado. Merci. Terima kasih. Arigato. Kam-sa-hab-ni-da. Kiitos. Salamat. 


The Gasoline Dude said...

AHA! Eugene, blogger ka pala! :)

Eugene Tordecilla said...

I am. Writing is passion I've always had. Keep on reading.