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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Visa exemption, waive visa fee, reciprocity rules


I was recently in Myanmar and I was charged 30 usd for Visa upon arrival. I already know this before coming.

Anyways, as I assumed that our Diplomats are already talking about Visa Waiver. Myanmar can enter Philippines -visa upon arrival. and visa fee is waive, I hope we can arrange quickly a visa fee waiver for Filipinos traveling to Myanmar or if cannot be agreed to fast, maybe we should impose 30 usd visa fee to Myanmar temporarily until they make things more fair and reciprocal..

Other visa conditions should be reviewed with other countries. If they give Filipinos 90 days visa exemption, we should give them 90 days too. If other countries give Filipinos only 14 days visa exemption, we should not give them 21 days exemption, but we should give them 14 days too.

If Filipinos are asked to pay visa fee… we should also charged that particular country a visa fee… fair…. We should not be afraid that tourist will not come... Many European goes to Indonesia or Vietnam (etc), even though they have to pay visa fee upon arrival… nevertheless this countries still attract many tourist…. Tourists will not necessary shy away if there is a visa fee upon arrival…if they think the country is SAFE and NICE, they will surely come, with or without visa fee….. Its time that we show that we should be treated fairly. It should come from us that we want to be treated fairly. Coming from a developing country doesn’t mean we don’t have pride and honor. We have a beautiful country, and wonderful people. We have a lot to offer.

We should review all our visa exemptions to all other countries, be fair and should be reciprocal. Tourist will come regardless of a small fee (visa fee) if the country have good publicity and is perceive to be safe. Safety is outmost concern not whether they would pay 10 usd (for example) to gain entry to Philippines.

 Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Dr. Eugene Tordecilla

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