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Friday, September 3, 2010

Amazing Race Asia season 4... Team Philippines


Let me say first that I am an Amazing Race Asia fun (my brother too)... I have watched the previous seasons and I have enjoyed it.

I just want to comment about the new teams from the Philippines.

It seems that teams from the Philippines has to come from the elite sector (at least that’s what I have been observing based on the past seasons)

I am aware that Philippines have a lot mix marriages, and we pride ourselves for being open and accepting of new cultures and traditions. Being Filipino can come in many forms, our colors are as varied as possible, our languages and accents defines where we were brought-up, whether in the Philippines or outside the Philippines, but still remaning or struggling to find our true identity.

However, even though I have enjoyed seeing Aubrey Miles, Marc Nelson, etc from the previous seasons overcoming the obstacles of the game.... it seems a bit discriminatory on local ordinary Filipinos. It seems that you have to have an "Ang Mo" or western sounding surnames to get into the games. I am not against half-Filipino, they might have mix features but they can be even more patriotic that a Filipino born in posh area of Makati. I hope you understand the point that I am driving at. I have friends who are Eurasians, and I like that they speak fluent Tagalog at the same time, speak fluent English.

The women team seems not to exemplify Filipino values and culture. The Singaporean team at least has a typical Singaporean accent, surnames and looks very Singaporean that the general population can connect or identify with as its own national team. 

The current Filipino teams don’t even have a Filipino accent that most Filipino can identify. Jacinta speaks perfect Australian accent. Again, I am not against them, but if they are carrying TEAM Philippines' name, there should be at least some basic requirement that can help Filipino fans identify with them as Pilipinas team, so that we can truly cheer for them. I know that they have to speak English during the competition, but they don't have to have perfect American or Australian accent to be part of the team. I am not even sure if they can speak Tagalog fluently. I hope they eventually learn how to speak Filipino after the race, having labelled Manila as there new homes.

Let me point out that accent doesn't define a person, nationality is much more than that. However, it has been so typical or stereotypical for AXN to get Filipino elites. To me, there is nothing wrong from getting from the "high society" or percieve cream of the crop, but I suggest that there should be a balance in representation. They seem not to mimic an ordinary Juan (an ordinary Filipino).

I hope in the next Amazing Race Asia, you will consider getting "ordinary" Filipino. Though it’s really nice to look at beautiful faces, Amazing Race Asia is not a beauty contest or Mr. Philippines pageant.

More power to the Philippine team... more power to AXN

 Dr. Eugene  Tordecilla

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