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Friday, December 9, 2016

My PAL Player

Home bound? Ready for the holidays? If you are taking a Philippine Airline (PAL) flight, make sure to download on the App store or Play store My PAL Player app so you can enjoy the in-flight movies, TV shows, listen to music, and read selected magazines available on your PAL flight. 

For those who travel with gadgets, this App will be useful

It's best to download the app before boarding as it will not necessarily allow users to download it while on-board (counter-intuitive) but if you’re on a medium to long-term haul flight, it will be worth it especially if you don't have (enough) Netflix download shows on your gadget. Not all flights of PAL has its own individual flight entertainment system, so the next viable option is to use your own smart phone or tablet to watch shows while connecting to on-board flight Wi-Fi. You can try your luck in borrowing on-board  tablets from your flight attendants as some flights will have several available tablets for loan, and just like your blankets, you have to ask if you want to have it, as it seems not a standard features provided to all passengers. 

Movie selection available on PAL flights. 

To use it, put your phone on flight mode, after take-off, once the seat-belt sign is turn-off, turn-on your Wi-Fi button and click My PAL Wi-Fi. Go to your app and enjoy your myPALplayer. 

Music Lover? Here are  the albums available on your flight

Fortunately, there are available music albums and tracks in Filipino (Lea Salonga, The Company, etc.). However, what is surprising, is that the movie and TV section doesn't even have Filipino movies and TV shows. In contrary, big middle-eastern airlines such as Qatar Airways, Etihad and Emirates that gets a big sliced of Filipino travelers have Filipino movies on their in-flight entertainment system.  It’s not acceptable that a Philippine flag carrier like PAL doesn't even carry Filipino shows on board (what a shame) while it provides service to mostly Pinoy passengers. Where is the heart of the Filipino then? I hope that will change really soon and hoping Filipino movies will be available on my next flight with PAL.

Original Pilipino Music (OPM) - Available on Board

Flight Map? You can check on your MyPALPlayer App

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