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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Filipino Movies in Long-Haul Flight

    On play: A Filipino movie on long-haul flight to Europe  

Been on a long-haul flight recently? Are you one of those individuals that dread long flight? Or are you of those who enjoy seating and watching films in-flight? 

Generally, being in a confined space for extended period of time and cruising altitude of 37,000 feet above sea level, the oxygen level can drop few percentages  and affect the oxygen saturation in a person's blood. In most healthy individuals, this drop rarely affects the overall conditions of the passengers, but those with known heart and respiratory diseases, this drop in oxygen level can affect and worsen their existing medical condition. 

Its good to do some light stretching and occasional walking inside the cabin when in a long-haul flight. For those with acute cardiovascular and respiratory symptoms, its best to avoid flying while in acute phase of the diseases.

For most passengers, enjoy your in-flight entertainment system and look for your worthy critically acclaim Filipino films provided by your chosen airline. 

Recently, I watched Ama Namin (Honor Thy Father),  Metro Manila (Filipino-British Film) and Transit (Filipino-Israeli Film). Worth watching and might help you forget the long flight ahead.

   Several current Filipino Films available on long-haul Flight from Qatar, Etihad, Malaysian and Philippine Airlines.

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