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Friday, February 26, 2016

Overseas Voting

In couple of months, overseas Filipinos will be able to cast their votes for the May 2016 national election. In Philippine embassies, consulates and missions, election will start earlier and will be open for 1 month. In some countries and off shore based voters,  ballots will be sent to registered voters via mail. 

In preparation for the upcoming election, I ask my friends who are based overseas to answer a quick survey. I found out that amongst I survey, majority our registered overseas/absentee voter and are ready to exercise their right to vote this May.
The blue colour signifies YES, red is NO and orange is not sure.

The 11 countries listed are host to thousands if not million of Filipino Expatriates and Overseas based Filipinos

Check your status on COMELEC website or Philippine embassies' homepage.

I am an active overseas voter.

Form to re-acquire Filipino Citizenship (Dual) and be eligible to vote in the national election which take place every 3 years.

Form that you need to fill up to re-acquire your Filipino Citizenship, available online.

Reminders flyer for Filipino overseas to register for May 2016 election, if you missed the deadline, next election is 2019. Register earlier!

If you want to complain and demand for better government in the Philippines, be a Filipino (first), and vote so you can contribute in your small way in the decision making of who will be the leaders that will manage our resources and run the an effective and an efficiently government. We need a government that will promote economic and social development across all sectors of the society. And for the millions of Filipino expatriates and Overseas Pinoys, may the government implement strategies so that being Filipino overseas is almost always a choice rather than a necessity for lack of opportunities and equal playing field to succeed in its own backyard.

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