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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

AMSA Philippines Alumni Club (AMSA-PAC)

AMSA-PAC, a network of young medical doctors from the Philippines

The AMSA Philippines Alumni Club (AMSA-PAC) is an organization of young medical doctors in the Philippines involve in several projects related to health and  medicine. It actively participates in both local and international medical and health related projects and conferences.

The group is composed of Junior Doctors from the Philippines and is continuously finding opportunities and plan of actions to make the organizations relevant. Members are residents, sub-specialists, fellows, in private/government practice or in government health institutions. 

AMSA-PAC members are previous members of Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA).

Among the young doctors who initiated the formation of AMSA-PAC included Dr. Wilfredo Santos, Dr. Joel Buenaventura, Dr. Eugene Macalinga, Dr. Joanna Choa, Dr. John Ong, Dr. Michael Pineda, and Dr. Renzo Guinto.

AMSA-PAC is continuously working to engaged and be active in future collaborations.

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