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Monday, February 10, 2014

Jewish, Christian, Non-believers side by side at Manila America Cemetery & Memorial

If you didn't get the chance to visit this place before or you missed out on your elementary school field trip, here are some interesting facts about the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial.

1. Its the largest American memorial / cemetery overseas. 

2.  Here lie 17,201 graves of military personnel who died in World War II.

3. Over 36,000 names inscribed in the walls of the memorial to commemorate the missing in action.

4. 570 Philippine scouts are buried here. 

5. 28 Medal of Honors recipients are buried at he memorial

6. On 20 cases, 2 brothers are buried side by side.

7. On the Chapel, a relic of St. George fighting the dragon.

8. Inside the chapel, a mosaic / mural of the Madonna holding flowers.

9. Philippine flag is flown side by side with the American flag all day long.

10. The cross represent Christians background, the star of David for Jewish and the vertical stone represent the non-believers or free thinkers.

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