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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolate, the cacao from Davao

A friend of mine who works for Rustic Pathways once brought home this amazing "Pinoy Chocolate" from her recent visits to the Philippines. Having live abroad for couple of years now, I am always hungry for new Filipino products that are introduced in the market.

Luckily, my friend has discovered Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolate. These chocolate bars contain over 500 naturally occurring chemical compounds that has positive physiological effects both on pleasure and elevating one's mood.

This amazing chocolate product is a concoction of an ex-Filipino overseas expatriate who basically live on his own when he was abroad, learned how to cook and progress to bigger things. This led him to create the best Filipino chocolate where the raw ingredients such as the cacao beans and sugar are naturally abundant in the country. 

The cacao beans, which are harvest in Davao, are transformed from "Bean-to-Bar" combined with natural crops plentiful in our tropical land. Philo Chua, the owner of Theo and Philo believes in the principle of single origin cacao. This means chocolate are made from cacao beans from one region, sometimes even one farm. This is the same concept as wine regions or Kona coffee that are exclusively made in Hawaii.

My favorite products are "Labuyo" which are the best seller made of dark chocolate with chili and "Barako" which are made from  milk chocolate and "kapeng barako", a coffee variety grown mostly in Batangas and Cavite.

If you haven't heard nor tried this Pinoy chocolate, remember to grab these bars on your next visit to the Philippines.

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