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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blind Pig : Makati's best kept secret, revealed!!!

Been out of touch with the in and out of Manila's night life until we recently  discovered Manila's best kept secret (or worst secret after you've read this).

The bar is called the Blind Pig. Guest must call before proceeding to the venue to be allowed entry. 

Once inside, it's noticeably small, with dim lights provided mostly by just candle lights. Tables are sparse numbering less than 10. Again, remember to call before you go.

Service is personalized. Gladz, who served us,  introduced her name and ask our individual names. Succeeding orders of cocktails and liquors, the waitress would always call us by our name while serving our drinks. 

It was a nice place to hangout. The bar has imposed some basic rules and ask their clients to observe and follow those instructions.  Overall, this coutesy regulations work well and made the experience pleasant and conducive for extended conversations. 

So, on your next visit to metro Manila (Makati), I hope it's at the Blind Pig!

Place outside the door: Can't read this, but guessing it says Blind Pig.

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