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Monday, September 3, 2012

Monopoly: Philippine Edition

Monopoly is the domination of a market by a single corporation. This was the motivation in developing the board game.  Elizabeth J. Magie Phillips, an American game designer conceptualized and created in 1903 The Landlord's Game, the precursor to Monopoly.

She wanted demonstrate the effects of monopolism as well as to simplify the explanation for the single tax theory. She designed the game that involved buying and selling of properties and real estates. By 1934, a board game published by Parker Brothers was officially called Monopoly.

The Monopoly Philippine Edition game board consists of forty spaces containing twenty-eight properties (twenty-two colored streets, four railway stations and two utilities), three Chance spaces, three Community Chest spaces, a Luxury Tax space, an Income Tax space, and the four corner squares: GO, Jail/Just Visiting, Free Parking, and Go to Jail.

As expected, Ayala Avenue and Makati Avenue were the two most expensive areas while Claro M Recto and Abad Santos were the cheapest property. What about the D’Fort, East Wood and Alabang? These areas are haven for property developers too.

The properties listed were all situated in Metro Manila, and made me think that it’s best to label it Manila Edition instead of the Philippine edition. I am quite sure that real estate developers in Cebu and Davao have their valued lands and real estates that are more expensive than Pedro Gil or Ongpin Street. Don’t you think so?

By the way… 

Did you know that there is a Monopoly tournament? The first Monopoly World Championships took place in Grossinger's Resort in New York, in November 1973. In 1977, in Monte Carlo, Cheng Seng Kwa of Singapore won the Monopoly world Championship. Now, with the new Philippine edition of Monopoly, do we expect our first Monopoly World Champion?


Anonymous said...

Imperial Manila edition.

Eugene Macalinga said...

I agree, there should be a Cebu, Davao, etc. edition, this should me called Manila Edition :). Thanks for your comments.

Jethro Jed Cruz said...

Well, monopoly's streets are situated in one city like the US one po. Sa Atlantic City, New Jersey lang po kasi yun eh.