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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ayala Museum

A diadem, a type of gold crown worn by Filipino royalty. 

The next time you are in Manila, in Makati specifically, and have a few hours to spare, I highly recommend that you visit the Ayala Museum. The historical collection including the dioramas of Philippine history and finely crafted maritime vessels is my favorite portion of the museum. The ethnographic and archaeological collection are worthwhile to visit as well.

If your interested to see work of art of world renowned and pioneer Filipino painters, luminaries like Fernando Amorsolo, Juan Luna and Damian Domingo, the Ayala Museum is the place to be.

Check out the Ayala Museum's special collection too.

 Great Filipino Painters 

Visit Juan Luna's most famous painting, "the Spoliarium" at the National Musuem of the Philippines.

Fernando Amorsolo y Cueto is the painter of Philippine rural landscapes and his famous work of art are "The Market Place" and "Fruit Gatherer".

For the longest time, I have been tracing if Fernado Amorsolo is related to my grandmother. My grandmother is Aquilina Tordecilla y Cueto. Unfortunately, the registry of birth at the National Library doesn't have a comprehensive data in regards to my search. 

Damian Domingo is the country's first formal art educator and known to pioneer in secular paintings when religious theme was the predominant subject in the 18th century in the country.

Any guess what is this? This is a gold chastity cover; our Filipina ancestors use gold to protect their femininity by wearing this. This piqued my interest and took a snap shot of this special gold collection at the museum.

Interestingly, the Ayala Museum gives complimentary tickets for teachers (local and international lecturers) to encourage educators and academicians to bring their students back in the art scene and back to our Museum.

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