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Monday, April 23, 2012

My E-Book Reader (My Kindle)

My last minute shopping at the airport terminal made possible by the presence of electronic vending machine* of Best Buy.  This particular machine has electronic gadgets such as smart phones, earphones and mp3 players. It sells an e-book reader too. 

Today, these Electronic Automated Retail Kiosks (EARK) are found in numerous US airport terminals. Be on the look out for an EARK, maybe your "last buy" is from Best Buy.

* The first vending machine accepted coins and dispenses holy water.

The 1st sight of my e-book while waiting to board my flight.

My electronic travel buddy. A reliable travel companion while the battery last.

At the Great Wall, reading my 1st e-book, the Life of Pi by Yann Martel.


Amanda silver said...

Hope the EARKs will come soon in Singapore too because I'm pretty sure asian people will love them too

Anonymous said...
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Eugene Macalinga said...

@Amamda... been researching about EARKS, send me your link. thanks.