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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If I Am A Student Again

If I could go back in time, these are the following sports club I'll join. 

Maybe I won't have a beer belly.

Maybe I can play footsie (not the flirting way), the literal meaning, the act of kicking :)

Namaste!!! Plus a slight bow while hands in front of the chest, pressed together, palms touching and fingers directed upwards. Got it?

Maybe I am a PBA or an NBA player by now. Shoot that ball.

By now, I am in the top 10 ranking such as Chong Wie Lee (Malaysia), Taufik Hidayat (Indonesia) or Lin Dan (China).

I won't be shy to play with Pete Sampras and maybe I can try to beat Djokovic, Nadal, Murray or even Federer. What do you think?

Maybe I can play Squash racquets on even a higher-speed... in France!

Maybe I am dive instructor by now in El Nido, Palawan or a rescue diver volunteer in Boracay.

Khob-Kun-Krub or is it Ka Pun Krap?

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