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Friday, July 1, 2011

El Nido, Palawan

View from the big lagoon, Miniloc island (El Nido)

Danish tourist preparing to go inside the hidden lagoon

Part of the Tour A, this is the Los Comandos

Inside the small lagoon, one can enjoy the pristine blue-green water

Sunset @ El Nido

Tour guide Mr. Wing, drinking a fresh coconut "buko" juice

European tourists enjoying cold San Miguel beers by the beach

View from a hill from El Nido mainland

"Banca" or pumpboat, this can be hired for a day for island hopping

Using bamboo to maneuver the boat

Perfect place for a kayak

Numerous islands found in the Bacuit Archepelago

A German tourist in El Nido

A Malaysian tourist in El Nido

Pumpboat El Nido

At Shimizu island, named after a Japanese tourist who visited the island

Traditional house "kubo"

Big Lagoon at Miniloc Island


Entrance to the small lagoon

Rock entrance to the small lagoon

Our boat guide

El Nido Garden Resort

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