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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Banaue and Batad Rice Terraces

Batad Rice Terraces

Banaue Town

Another shot of Banaue Town

Souvenir shop

Wood carvings from Ifugao

Fresh produce from Banaue

Tabacco leaf harvested from Northern countryside

Road signs 

Shot of Banaue Hotel

Backpacker trekking the world famous Rice Terraces

Banaue bush walking

Pathway to Banaue trekking

Rice grains

Walking path along the rice field

View point

Batad falls

Closer look into the Batad Falls

Hill top house

Traditional houses along the Rice Terraces

I recommend you try the homestay... the local can cook unpolished rice for breakfast

On the way to the Batad falls

Van to Batad Rice Terraces

Public school in Batad

Photos from  Banaue and Batad Rice Terraces


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