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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sugar Cane drink in Manila

A sugar cane kiosk in Robinson's Place Manila

   If your missing the typical sugar cane drinks from Singapore (sugar cane itself is imported probably from Malaysia or China), you'll be happy to know that the same product that is widely available in Singapore hawkers (community food courts) is now available in Manila.
  The Singapore style is when they use an actual sugar cane sticks and use a machine juice extractor to squash the sugar cane. Then, they will add ice and optional slice of lemon. Usually, it cost around 1-1.50 sgd per drink.
  Although we have a lot of sugar cane in the Philippines (Batangas and Bacolod are one of the main sugar plantations in the country), we don't sell fresh sugar cane drink. I happen to see recently a kiosk that sells fresh sugar cane drink using the juice extractor. It’s my first time to see them in Manila.
 So, if you’re missing the flavor, head to Robinson's Place in Malate, Manila.


Irene said...

They have always sold Sugar Cane juice in Manila: notably in Chinatown and in Greenhills. I remember having it regularly as a child. :)

Eugene Tordecilla said...

ok, thanks for the info...I remember I just chew the sugar cane itself when we would play around the farm in Batangas :-)

Anonymous said...

Pinoys always lags behind when it comes to creatively marketing and selling ideas that actually originated in the Philippines...I actually saw that in Manila way back early 40's when Singapore was still in the dark ages.