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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Duty-Free Allowances in Singapore (Southeast Asia & Australia)

You should be18 years old or above and have spent more than 48 hour outside the city state.  Additional rules to enjoy the concession is the liquor itself should not be in the list of banned products in Singapore. If you’re coming from Malaysia, either by sea, land or air route, do not expect any duty-free for liquor.

For those entering Singapore, you can have 3 options in-terms of maximizing the 3 liters allowed under duty-free. It can be a combination of 1 liter each of beer, wine and spirit. By the way, 1 liter of beer usually comes as 3 beers-in-can. Other combination exists such as 1 liter of wine and 2 liters of beer or vice versa.


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