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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Building Peace One Step at a Time

More than 90% of Filipinos are Christians. The Philippines and East Timor are the only predominantly Catholic countries in Asia.
Muslims, about 5% of the 92 million Philippine population, are mostly living in parts of Mindanao remain to have economic grievances stemming from years of governmental inattention.
In my recent travel to Manila, it’s pleasing to see signboards that are catered to our fellow Filipino-Muslim. Living in Singapore, where Halal food is readily accessible, it was good to see more Halal restaurant and Halal food stalls available in the capital.
Filipino envisioned a united country in which Christians, Muslims and Non-believers would live in peace and equality in political, educational and economic opportunities.
Slowly, I am seeing more and more infrastructures catering to the needs of our Filipino-Muslim. I hope this will further continue. This in turn, will benefit our Muslim friends from Southeast Asia and other parts of the world who will visit the Philippines. Hopefully, this will allow the country to invite more tourist and assure them that their needs can be met here, both physically and spiritually.
Projects like these will lead to further assimilation and harmony. I hope more undertakings will be geared in promoting peace and unity between Filipino Christian and Filipino Muslim.
We all need peace. For the country to prosper further, peace is something we should work harder in 2011.

In our small little way, let’s build peace, brick by brick, one step at a time.

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