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Monday, November 8, 2010

Pinoy Tricycle

A tricycle is a three wheeled vehicle with a passenger-cabin.

                     Dr. Ronnie and Ms. Siriwan tried their very first ride

In the Philippines, most tricycles are used as a kind of taxi and are primarily for commercial use either of passengers in Pedi cabs or for merchandise deliveries. 

Different sizes and ornaments adorn tricycles. The site of one tricycle tells you from which region or province it comes from. Normally, the sidecars of the tricycle found in Visayas are larger than the passenger-cabin seen in Manila.

These motorcycles with a third wheel are seen on smaller roads for short distances often on roads where jeepneys or buses are not supposed to operate. Nevertheless, sites of tricycles can be seen crossing big streets such as EDSA and Makati Avenue.

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